Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They Do Come Back (1940) - Tuberculosis Kiss

This film courtesy of The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
DIRECTOR: Edgar Ulmer. SPONSOR: National Tuberculosis Association. PRODUCTION: DeFernes Studios. CAMERA: Joseph Noble. EDITOR: Hans Mandl. NARRATOR: Alois Havrilla. CAST: Wilma Caspar, Edward Mulhern. NARA ARC Identifier: 98572

Aimed at spreading the word to young, working or college age white Americans, the film takes place in “EVERY TOWN USA” (which actually turns out to be Philadelphia, where the film was shot). Following the relationship of Roy and Julie, romance, here in the form of a kiss, leads to disaster. Roy coughs up blood! As the title suggests, however, there is redemption. Our characters do come back. Frantically narrated by radio personality Alois Havrilla, there is a sense of urgency to Julie and Roy’s predicament, but an equal sense that their acceptance of science and medicine is predicated on the NTA’s widespread media campaign. Directed by Edgar Ulmer.

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