Wednesday, March 17, 2010

40,000 March In Gala Parade On St. Patrick's Day (1936)

(1) "New York City: Forty thousand sons and daughters of Erin march up Fifth Avenue in a stirring revival of the annual St. patrick's Day parade. Half a million Gothamites watch the tremendous spectacle from packed curbstones and vantage points in high buildings." (2) Jafsie Back Home For Quiz "New York City: Dr. Condon, famous Lindbergh case witness, returns from a sudden Central American vacation to face further questioning, by Governor Hoffman, in the Executive's struggle to sift Hauptmann's actual part in the horrible crime." (3) "Boy Finds Piece of Meteor that Startled New York, at Malaga, NJ" (4) "Hibbing, Minnesota: "Pupils Gor to School in Glass House (5) "Il Duce Puts Italian Children through Vivid Gas-Attack Drill, at Turin, Italy (6) "Ice James Threaten Country Towns and Bangor, Maine" (7) "'Iron-Headed man' makes Little Impression on New Safety Glass tested in New York City (8) "Air-Line Hostesses Pass Rigid Tests at San Francisco, California (9) "Champion Trotting Horses Limber Up for New Season at Seminole park, Florida (10) "Fantastic Wrestling Bout Rouses Fans at Seattle, Washington (11) "Terrific Floods Sweep Citis In Western Penna. (Special Release: To be Shipped Separately) Pittsburgh PA: Rapidly-rising water covers fifty blocks in the heart of the city, causing damages mounting to $10,000,000 as the menace of inundation hits a wide area. Communication lines broken, isolating Lewiston and Johnstown where a repetition of the horrible disaster of 1889 becomes a terrifying possibility to 66,000 residents. Scenes of horror multiply as swirling water crushes all barriers, leaving untold thousands homeless or unable to resume their jobs." (complete newsreel)

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