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A Recent Visit to Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Don Adams 1923-2005 RIP

Don Adams 1923-2005 RIP - wiki

Fay Wray 1907-2004 RIP

Fay Wray 1907-2004 RIP - wiki

Darren McGavin 1922-2006 RIP

Darren McGavin 1922-2006 RIP - wiki

Maila VAMPIRA Nurmi 1922-2008 RIP

Maila "Vampira" Nurmi 1922-2008 RIP - wiki

Hollywood Forever Cemetery - wiki

Hollywood Forever Cemetery - website

Delia in her Bedroom - circa 1980

Delia in her Bedroom - circa 1980

Pacific Resident Theater - Venice

Pacific Resident Theater Presents Saroyan's THE TIME OF YOUR LIFEPacific Resident Theater - VeniceThe Time of Your Life - Original Broadway Photograph

Pacific Resident Theater - Venice

The Time of Your Life by William Saroyan

From Wikipedia:

In March 2008, on the 100th anniversary of Saroyan's birth, the play was performed at the Pacific Resident Theater in Venice, CA. It was directed by Matt McKenzie and produced by Matthew Solari. The cast featured Robb Derringer as Joe, Matt McTighe as Tom, Shiva Rose as Kitty Duval, Christopher Shaw as Nick, Lee DeBroux as Kit Carson, Will Rothhaar as Newsboy/Sailor, Steve Markus as Arab/Society Man, Sarah Zinnser as Killer/Ma/Society Woman, Andrew Ebert as Dudley, Nick Rogers as Harry, Vince Melocchi as McCarthy, Dan Kozlowski as Krupp, Michael Redfield as Wesley, Rebecca Crandall as Mary L., Cheryl Dooley as Lorene/Elsie, Dennis Madden as the Drunk, William Lithgow as Blick, Corey Craig as Anna, and Norman Scott as Willie. Norman Scott designed the set, Michael Redfield designed the lights, and Alexander Enberg designed the sound.

Aram Saroyan, the son of William Saroyan, saw the production at Pacific Resident Theatre. His widely circulated email was this:

From: Aram Saroyan

Date: 4/11/2008 9:19:05 AM

Subject: The Time of Your Life

Last night I saw the Pacific Resident Theater's new production of "The Time of Your Life," a play I've seen many times over the years, and somehow it was all new. This is the most intimate and nuanced production I've seen: the actors never slide into generalities, each moment is mined. And sometimes silences comes into play the way it does in music.

It opened on Broadway in 1939 and it's as if it opened last night. The Time of Your Life eased the way for everybody from Tennessee Williams to Ionesco. It's a big American jazz poem--but intimate, the way Ellington is. It will swing you into bad/good health.

Go see it while it lasts.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Quick and the Dead (1995) - Simon Moore - Sam Raimi

May 31, 1993


Screenplay by Simon Moore

Synopsis by Brian Aldrich

In Colorado, 100 years ago, ELLEN, a young female shootist, arrives in a tough outlaw town to enter a bizarre contest where the contestants fast draw against one another until the last man is still alive. The town is run by MAYOR JOHN HEROD, a fast-gun shootist who gets 25% of every dollar spent in town. Unless they are hookers or hooker's children, single women are an unusual sight in this town. Ellen can't get a room in NELLY WEITZ hotel, so she gets a room in HORACE's saloon. Popular gunman ACE HANLON arrives as well as other well-known shootists: SGT. QUANTRILL, a black gunman; SCARS, an escaped prisoner; GUTZON, a foreigner; and SPOTTED HORSE, an Indian who claims to be invulnerable to bullets. Thieves FLAT NOSE FOY and RATSY show up with a prisoner, CORT, a former bounty hunter turned Priest. Herod arrives and agrees to let Cort live if he wins the contest.

The first duel is fought between the KID, a young ambitious gunman who is Herod's bastard son, and Gutzon. The Kid wins. Cort declares he will not shoot, but he is given one bullet with which he kills his opponent Flat Nose. Herod, pleased to see Cort fall from grace, faces against Ace Hanson and blows him away. Ellen faces DOG KELLY, a dirty swine, and wins her duel.

Meanwhile, Ellen saves Cort from a beating. She reveals she's here to kill Herod for killing her father years ago. Evidently, Ellen's father was the town MARSHALL who Herod killed and then took over the town.

The next day, Herod kills Quantrill who was paid by Nelly Weitz to enter the contest and kill Herod. Herod runs her out of town. The Kid kills Scars. After whorehouse owner EUGENE DRED rapes a teenager, Ellen kills him in their duel. Cort proves Spotted Horse is not invulnerable to bullets. That night, Cort has a chance to run away, but he won't leave Ellen alone to face Herod.

The next day, Herod asks the Kid to step down, but the Kid proudly refuses. Herod kills his own son. Cort and Ellen are forced to duel. Cort kills Ellen. Finally, Herod faces Cort. Cort starts to walk away. Suddenly, the town starts blowing up from Ellen's dynamite. She appears. Her death was faked. She duels and kills Herod. Cort takes over as Marshall and cleans up the town.

Summary Criticism: While the main characters are intriguing, the ending is unnecessarily contrived.

The Quick and the Dead (1995) - imdb

The Quick and the Dead (1995) - wiki

Artist Robert Rauschenberg Dead at 82

Robert Rauschenberg

October 22, 1925 - May 12, 2008


"The artist's job is to be a witness to his time in history."

Robert Rauschenberg - wiki

Neo-Dada - wiki

"Building on the legacies of Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Cornell and others, he helped obscure the lines between painting and sculpture, painting and photography, photography and printmaking, sculpture and photography, sculpture and dance, sculpture and technology, technology and performance art — not to mention between art and life.
Mr. Rauschenberg was also instrumental in pushing American art onward from Abstract Expressionism, the dominant movement when he emerged, during the early 1950s. He became a transformative link between artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning and those who came next, artists identified with Pop, Conceptualism, Happenings, Process Art and other new kinds of art in which he played a signal role."

Robert Rauschenberg, American Artist, Dies at 82 - NY Times

Retroactive I - 1963

Lila - Photo Proof

Lila - Photo Proof

Best Happy Hour: McCormick & Schmicks - Beverly Hills

Best Happy Hour: McCormick & Schmicks - Beverly HillsMcCormick & Schmicks CheeseburgerMcCormick & Schmicks - The Bar

McCormick & Schmicks